General Terms and Conditions

A rental agreement with Roman Bobrov named RS Apartments following and the tenant named guest following, is made for short term stay and is restricted by nights .A rental agreement is only confirmed after the guest received a booking confirmation from RS Apartments. By booking the guest agrees completely to our Terms and Conditions as binding.


The reservation can be made only in written form by email or fax. The reservation is legally binding with the receipt of the confirmation from RS Apartments. The tenant is responsible for all people traveling. RS Apartments reserves the right to reject requests without giving reasons.


With the confirmation, the guest receives information about the payment of the rent. After the booking a deposit is to be paid, the amount oft he sum depends on the length of stay and is divided as follows:

Booking duration up to 7 days 20% of the agreed rent
Booking duration longer then 7 days 30% of the agreed rent

For short-term or long-term bookings individual arrangements concerning the payment are possible. This must be done in each case in written form. The deposit must be receiving our bank account no later than 7 working days after the date of booking. If the deposit is not on the given bank account within the 7 working days, the guest has independently showing us a proof that a cash outflow has taken place within the agreed period to keep the booking. In case that the deposit is not given within this period. the booking will be canceled from RS Apartments. The payment of the total price is always paid in advance, very latest at the arrival /keyhandover. The payment can be paid by bank transfer, in cash or by card payment. The tenant receives a bill or an invoice for his payment.

Non-refundable rate:

On particular dates, as events, exhibitions, new years or others, RS Apartments is offering non-refundable rates only. These will be communicated tot he guest from the beginning. Payments for these kind of dates has to be payed at the same day of booking and they are non-refundable.

For cancelling, changing or non-arrival on these dates a 100% cancelation fee will be taken from the already made payment.


Misappropriation of the apartment of any kind (celebrations, press events, etc.) are prohibited without a separate permission from RS Apartments and may be punished with a penalty of at least 5000.00 EUR and provided to the guest.

Cancelation fees:

Changes, if possible, be made only by amendment of the lease. Changes must be made in advance and in written form in any case:

if canceled up to 1 month before arrival, free of charge
If canceled up to 14 days before arrival, 40% of the agreed rent
If canceled up to 10 days before arrival, 60% of the agreed rent
for cancellations after 10 days before arrival, 100% of the agreed rent
Non-Arrivals will be charged with 100% of the agreed rent

In case of avoiding cancelation fees the guest has the right to name a tenant who will take the contractual obligations in his stead. However, RS Apartments reserves the right to reject new guests without giving reasons. If the guest is leaving the apartment before agreed departure date – for reasons which are not attributable to RS Apartments, RS Apartments is entitled to keep the full rent.

Rental period:

The rental period is specified in the booking comfirmation. Keyhandover is possible from 4pm (german time). The rental period ends on departure day at 12 noon

Services and prices:

The scope of the contractual services resulting from the specifications of the contract. The rental property may only be occupied by the number of persons stated on the booking confirmation. Children not sleeping in parents bed are countet as adults.

Obligations of the guest:

The guest agrees to treat the dwelling to the apartment and intended for common use spaces, together with facilities and technical equipment with the utmost care, and to agree with the house rules and to act to what is written in the house rules. All damage caused by the guests or by side persons must be reported immediately and be replaced by the guest. Smoking in the apartments, in the building and in the elevators is prohibited. If to the apartment belongs a balcony, smoking is permitted only on balcony.

Bringing pets is permitted only after special request and permission from RS Apartments. RS Apartments reserves the right to refuse this request. Leaving the apartment during the stay or at departure, the guest must make sure that all windows and doors are tightly closed.

RS Apartments is not liable for any damage to, such as burglary or theft to the belongings of the guest. The apartment hast o be handed over to RS Apartments on departure. RS Apartments is not liable for forgotten items, which are left by the guest in the apartment.


For the apartment keys a deposit of 150.00 EUR is payable, which will be refunded on departure after the apartment is given back to RS Apartments. Should be a key has been lost, the deposit will be retained to deal with this to provide replacement.

Defects liability:

Any deficiencies are found during the stay in the apartment, has to be reported immediately to RS Apartments. The cancellation of the rental agreement is possible, if the use is considerably more difficult or endangered by force majeure such as natural disasters, fire, etc.. The rent paid for the remaining term of the lease will be refunded in this case. Further claims are excluded.
The guest agrees to pay for lost keys and if necessary lock replacement.


The agreement can be cancelled by RS Apartments at any time without notice if the guest or persons traveling with him or staying with him, behave in harassing, annoying or destructive way so that their stay in the apartment can not be expect anymore to the other residents of the house. Should this situation occur, the agreement will be cancelled immediatly and full sum withheld by RS Apartments.

House rules:

Please keep apartment house rules, The house rules are handed over to the guests at arrival, in particular the usual rest hours, Monday – Friday 6:00 bis 22:00 clock.
Pets are not allowed
Smoking is strictly prohibited and only permit on the balcony of the apartment if avialable
No Balcony – No Smoking


The guest is liable for the damages caused by him or side-persons, traveling persons on any interior /furniture or device, given from RS Apartments as well as lost items such as keys. Parents are responsible for their children. RS Apartments is liable for the proper operation of technical equipment. RS Apartments is not liable in case of theft, fire and water damage to the belongings of the guest.


The guest will receive a information note for use with the internet on arrival. He agrees at any time of his stay not to access websites with criminal content / visit, and not to engage in dubious / illegal file sharing / file sharing sites.


Parking is available for extra charge. RS Apartments takes no liability for damage, burglary or theft of vehicles.


The place of jurisdiction is Berlin.